Why I'm Running

I think we can all agree that families want their children to have a great education. We also know that strong schools help make strong communities. Starting when I was in first grade, every day I hopped on a pre-dawn bus and rode to the opposite side of town where quality schools were available. My parents were constantly on the hunt for excellent educational opportunities for my brother and me. Fortunately, the schools I attended prepared me to thrive at great colleges in Massachusetts. My experiences at these institutions--along with my long-held belief in a strong public educational system--propel me to work on behalf of all families seeking quality educational options close to home, in the neighborhoods that they love. Now that I have made Malden my home, I am running for the Ward 3 seat in the Malden School Committee because I believe excellent education is worth the sacrifice and fight.

IMG_4277-why-400.jpgI am a former public school elementary teacher and taught my students that if they see a problem, they must seek a solution. I wanted them to think creatively about how to solve the small and large challenges they faced. Ten years after I entered my first classroom, I am still following through on that mantra. I have spent my entire career in public education, as an educator, a K-12 teacher coach, and currently as an administrator. I have worked in a variety of schools in multiple states and within districts all over the Commonwealth. The problem I seek to solve is to make our community schools as excellent as possible, because our children deserve nothing less.

Despite the work of so many hardworking educators and families, our school district has a level three underperforming status, which means there is opportunity to honestly and thoughtfully tackle one of our biggest areas for improvement--by addressing the academic needs of children who require targeted support with growth and achievement, such as English Language Learners and students who receive special education services. I will work to highlight how decisions made within the school committee must support schools to address these performance gaps. I have learned from my teaching experiences and from speaking with community members that this is a priority for many families who are unsure of how to navigate the system and advocate for support. I look forward to addressing how we can simplify and clarify the process for families and educators to advocate on behalf of children’s needs.

I am committed to working shoulder-to-shoulder with the dedicated professionals in Malden to make our schools enduringly excellent, now and for years to come. Vote for a refreshing change in the school committee. Vote Mekka for Malden!