About Mekka

As a classroom teacher, educator coach, and school administrator, Mekka has demonstrated consistent commitment to positively impact public education over her entire career. She spent five formative years teaching elementary students and once she moved to Malden, coached dozens of elementary, middle, and high school teachers, impacting the educational experience of thousands of students across Massachusetts. These experiences solidified her mission to help create excellent neighborhood schools for all students, and piqued her interest in becoming involved with the district schools within Ward 3. Education played a transformative role in Mekka’s life, IMG_4335-about-250.jpgand she works to support students, teachers, and school leaders to meet their goals in an academically rigorous and culturally responsive way. Additionally, she is passionate about providing quality professional development for teachers and highlighting family voice in decision-making. Mekka graduated cum laude from Amherst College with a double major in Spanish and Psychology, and earned her Master’s in Education Policy and Management from Harvard University.